Technical Writing

Making it easy for technical companies to communicate

IT (Information Technology) Write is a full-service technical writing firm providing Israeli hi-tech companies with customized communications solutions designed for a global audience.

In bringing effective communication, we play a vital role in the success of any software product. If your customers can't use your product in a timely fashion because you have not communicated how it should be used effectively, your company runs the risk its product will be regarded useless, regardless of how good the product actually is.

Benefits of a Technical Writer

A customer will experience:

  • Improved communication through technical documents that are used by the organization and its clients.
  • Build reputation and customer loyalty through trustworthy technical documents.
  • Increase accountability through documents which identify responsibilities.
  • Create documents that are easy to act upon.
  • Increase accountability through documents which identify responsibilities.
  • Build processes around documents to create reliable organizational workflows.

Technical Writing and Software Documentation Deliverables

IT Write handles the full range of API and SDK documentation requirements for applications running on Unix, Windows, and mainframe computers. We have extensive experience creating and illustrating a wide array of technical documentation, including User Guides, Programming Manuals, Installation Manuals, SRSs (Software Requirement Specifications), White Papers, and Trade Show Literature.

Technical Editing vs. Technical Writing Services

Many people don't distinguish between technical writing and technical editing. In fact, many companies combine these two functions into a single job. Even people who have worked just as writers or just as editors don't appreciate the fine line between these jobs.

Technical Editing Services: Refining the Copy

Our technical writing and technical editing services are broken down into the following categories:

  • Proofreading. Includes checking punctuation, spelling.
  • Copyediting. Grammatical corrections and suggestions to improve stylistic consistency.
  • Substantive Editing. Restructuring awkward sentences and paragraphs to craft a readable document that is clear and concise. Content is also checked for accuracy.
  • Writing and Rewriting. Rewriting documents to address changes of audience, tone, etc.

Technical Drawings and Illustrations

Pictures often can speak louder than words, and knowing when and how to use them is key to the image your company wants to project.

Whether it requires using a standard graphics tool such as Visio that we will use to do the job ourselves, or it will require an exceptional graphic artist to do the job, in which case we outsource it for you to the best in the business. Either way, you can depend on IT Write!

Here are a few recent technical writing projects for happy customers...