A Showcase of Technical Writing Samples

A cutting-edge application but poor software documentation? No problem. You take care of the application, IT Write will take care of the rest.

We will redesign the manual, work alongside your engineer, point out areas he may have missed, plus we'll have it all ready in time for the next release of your application.

IT Write handles the full range of API and SDK documentation requirements for applications running on Unix, Windows, and mainframe computers.

We have extensive experience creating and illustrating a wide array of technical documentation, including User Guides, Programming Manuals, Installation Manuals, SRSs (Software Requirement Specifications), White Papers and Trade Show Literature.


White Papers

Document Layout, Document Reorganization, Proofreading, Document Design, Technical Editing, Grammar and Punctuation.

Technical Editing, Document Setup & Layout, Document Design, Word Template Setup, Interviewing Engineers, Technical Writing, Software Testing.

Internet Usage Monitoring Application

Designed, prepared and wrote the smartNET API DEVELOPER'S GUIDE for the programmable component of the P-Cube product, the smartNET API. It explains to the manual's target audience of network developers, how the API's functions, software utilities and tools, can be used to deliver robust Internet service based applications while managing and monitoring subscriber resource usage on the provider's network in real-time.

Smart Net API Software Manual

P-Cube (Israel) Ltd., network technology and the business model it developed, provide the hardware and software components, through which ISPs using its products, are able to migrate from prevailing flat-fee network usage schemes, to a network service delivery infrastructure whereby subscribers can be differentiated by service usage. P-Cube was acquired by Cisco Systems.

Cross Platform Messaging System

Designed, prepared and wrote the MQBROKER/ORACLE APPLICATION DEVELOPER AND SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR'S GUIDE for Multiconn's core product MQBroker/Oracle. The project required collection and compilation of technical information and knowledge of programming and database principles. The manual explains how to use and administer the MQBroker/Oracle software, giving Oracle database applications the capability of interfacing and transferring data through the IBM MQSeries message delivery software.

MQBroker Software Manual

MultiConn (Israel) Ltd. develops, markets and supports software connectivity tools to enhance cross-platforsm enterprise communications.

Internet Based Foreign Exchange Transaction System

Designed and prepared the layout for a REFERENCE MANUAL using WORD. Purpose of the manual was to give customers the confidence and the reassurance they need in order to purchase a subscription to Forexmanage's online Internet service, which deals in derivatives and uses complex mathematical formulas.

Forex Trading Software Manual

Forexmanage (Israel) Ltd. provides in real-time over the Internet: portfolio, risk management, online trading and tools for foreign exchange management to individual or corporate investors.

Web Content Management System

A DEMONSTRATION APPLICATION that instructs programmers on how to develop a corporate portal using the Portalprise Web development paradigm and it's proprietary software was developed. Code was cleaned, inline comments were added and a complementary hard copy MANUAL was created using WORD.

PortalPrise Software Manual

Portalprise (Israel) Ltd. software facilitates the dynamic setup, creation, management and maintenance of corporate web portals, and is dedicated for use in medium to large organizations.