We are a Web Design Company in Israel

We create the following kinds of websites:

  • Web Development
  • Content Management
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Showcase Websites
  • Blogs

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We provide the following types of web development services:

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC) Management

Web Development

If you examine any online websites they can broadly be categorized into two main categories, namely static websites and dynamic websites. Static websites consist of web pages that are written entirely in HTML and the content is embedded between the HTML tags. As a result there is no separation between the content itself, such as text, video, and audio, and presentation elements represented by the HTML markup. Although the technology behind static pages is simpler to master and such websites are cheaper to create, for any website extending beyond the complexity of a simple website consisting of a few interlinked pages they are difficult to modify and inflexible to maintain. Development on the website must be carried out locally, and only when the website is finally ready locally is the website moved online.

On the other hand, a dynamic website is a website which is data driven. Online newspapers for example need to constantly change to keep up with constantly changing events, so the underlying data which supports this dynamism needs to be supported by a database engine. The data which is displayed is fed into custom built templates, which are later driven by the database and finally displayed to the online consumer of online content. The templates which a dynamic website uses are often custom built to support the driving of custom content. Newspapers have custom built news article templates to accept input of news articles and drive display of online news, and e-commerce websites have custom built product templates to drive input of, display and purchase of online products.

Website we create are built on top of content management system infrastructure. The content management systems are built on top of a solid database engine over which we design a website. The content management system and database infrastructure when integrated together properly should be seamless and invisible to the end user.

We create showcase and promotional websites for photographers, ceramic artists, sculptors, architects and others.

How long should it take?

If you request an order form on the site, it suggests there may be a level of complexity involved you may have underestimated. This may involve e-commerce issues such as order processing, supply management, billing integration, credit card processing, order processing, managing product returns, order notifications, handling customer inquiries, ensuring legal product liability guarantees are adequately managed, and a host of other unforeseen variables you may have entirely missed or haven't fully taken into consideration. That these requirements mean the site is most likely going to be database driven, and database driven websites add a level of complexity that's in the order of several fold times greater than that of a static website. Additionally, assuming the graphics are not willy nilly put together, and are arranged in a coherent and seamless manner, the craftsmanship and time this requires can quite easily be underestimated. Unlike technical writing, where almost everything which meets the eye can be fairly accurately estimated in terms of the amount of time it takes to create, since many of the tools being used nowadays for web development are open source, even a small technical hiccup may seem insignificant to an outsider but can take a good deal of time to resolve. Since sometimes web development, flash, and even possibly graphics can be involved in a single website, and they are often considered to be separate and different specializations, you may be talking of two, or even three people who are involved.

Website pricing

One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter from clients when they're planning a website, is how much should the website cost? There is no magic answer. Freelancers may charge as little as $500 for a website, whereas web design agencies can charge anywhere upto $15,000 for the design of a moderately complex website. Factors included into pricing of a website range from legitimate site development costs themselves, to other diverse business factors such as cost of office space, and pricing of secretarial services. To get a better understanding of what you are paying for, always request a breakdown of cost, which will also give you better tools to control the final quality. All too often people request a flat-rate price for a website without understanding how much time or labor it takes to make it, which leaves clients stuck with a website which is often done in the least amount of time. This leaves clients with no recourse for website improvements or ability to tie up loose ends at the end, if necessary.

It is also advisable to separate out the cost of graphics from the cost of building the website itself, unless the site requires little to no graphics at all. Computer graphic design and Website development, although they go hand in hand, are two completely different specializations and to get the best possible product they should be kept separate. One requires computer graphics design skills, while the other requires strong programming skills.

Website Conversion and SEO

Among our areas of activity are Website Conversion and SEO

E-commerce websites

When you are planning a website you need to take into consideration the following costs:

  • Domain Name registration ($10/yr.)
  • Web Hosting Costs
  • Web Graphic Design Costs
  • Web Development Costs